Electric Pallet Jack

Introduction of Self-Propelled Walkie Pallet Truck model # ESPT44WLH

28 October 2015

What is a Self-Propelled Walkie Pallet Truck or Walkie Motorized Pallet Jack?

“Walkie” motorized pallet jacks offer a cost-effective substitute to rider pallet trucks or forklifts and are optimally used for transporting heavy loads short distances for material handling applications such as on loading docks and staging areas.   Having a low maximum speed of 3.72 mph ensures the operator’s control and safety reducing lost inventory and personal injury. With a turning radius of 58.6”, it being compact in size makes it highly maneuverable in tight spaces. As an electric walk-behind pallet truck otherwise impossible-to-move heavy-loads are a snap with easy to use controls in industries such as retail stores, manufacturing and foodservices.

The ESPT44WLH is a top choice for multifaceted material handling applications including warehousing and transportation, especially in restricted space situations.

It nicely rounds out our self-propelled pallet truck offering, provides the operator with a truck that is compact and easily maneuvered like our EFET line of trucks and, at 4,400 lb, still retains the capacity of the ESPT line?

It features a long tiller head designed by award-winning REMA with ergonomic contactless rocker(switch) which provides the operator with greater maneuverability and control in tighter spaces and other more-forgiving material handling applications. The beauty of REMA-designed tiller heads is summed up in design, ergonomics, stability, functionality. The ergonomics further reduce fatigue, repetitive and stress-related injuries which means less time off and greater productivity over long periods of time.

Rounding out its parts include brands whom have been vetted and select as partners that encompass quality and efficiency such as Schabmueller, Kordel, Intorque, Wicke and Zapi.

As a warehouse or floor manager, selection of your equipment plays an integral role in your overall efficiency in that choosing a well-selected unit will improve productivity, minimize downtime and prevent injuries. As mentioned, workers will not tire as easily and you will realize less to no slowdown in production.

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This unit is covered by our standard warranty and a full range of parts are available.

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